Why our expert Speakers are excited

"This is a tremendous opportunity to share your work and discuss with experts with multiple backgrounds not only the challenges but to develop and combine new treatments to reverse the course of the disease and improve the outcome of our patients."

Adilia Hormigo, Director Neuro-Oncology Division, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai & The Tisch Cancer Institute.

"I am excited to be presenting Oncorus’ and our collaborator’s data at the 1st Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit. The meeting is truly the first that brings together the top experts in the field, discovery scientists, physicians, drug developers, biotech and foundations. Nothing like a concerted wide ranging effort to ensure therapeutic advances against this disease, and measuring progress between yearly reiterations of this promising summit."

Christophe Quéva, Chief Scientific Officer, Oncorus

"The 1st Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit provides a unique opportunity to share our most recent findings with renowned neuro-oncology researchers and clinicians around the world, providing a platform for critical feedback and discussions that may ultimately improve on the translation of more effective therapeutics for this universally lethal disease."

David Nathanson, Assistant Professor, UCLA

"GBM remains an impossibly difficult cancer not only to treat, but for which to develop effective novel therapies.  To bring together the best in the academic, patient-centric and industry spaces in order to engage in a productive dialogue, we can strive towards one new idea, one novel option, bringing even one patient a meaningful difference in her or his life."

Jeffrey Skolnik, Vice President, Clinical Development, Inovio Pharmaceuticals

"This new summit on drug development for glioblastoma is very timely, and I feel honored to be an invited speaker at this inaugural event."

Marnix Bosch, CTO, Northwest Biotherapeutics

"There has been little progress in developing more effective therapies for glioblastoma. This is a much need  conference to bring the leaders in the field together to develop more effective therapeutic strategies"

Patrick Wen, Director, Center For Neuro-Oncology Dana-Farber Cancer  Institute  

"Very excited to participate in this exciting conference, which brings together KOLs from multiple unique realms within the GBM space!"

Ranjit S. Bindra, Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology, Yale School of Medicine

"Any forum that focusses on addressing the high unmet medical need that is Glioblastoma is of vital importance to foster collaboration and advance our fight against this devastating disease. AstraZeneca has made considerable investment in preclinical, translational and clinical research into this area. I am delighted to represent AstraZeneca’s concerted efforts to understand and tackle this and other CNS malignancies by preventing the resistance mechanisms to radiotherapy that are responsible for current treatment relapse. I am thankful to the organisers of this inaugural meeting for inviting me to talk and I hope the meeting helps to forge even closer interactions within our vitally important research community."

Dr Stephen Durant, Associate Principal Scientist, Early Oncology R&D Bioscience AstraZeneca

"I look forward to working with leaders in the field of Glioblastoma research to advance the treatment for patients to improve outcome."

Susan Chang, Director, Division of Neuro-Oncology, Director, UCSF

"I am excited to speak to share new information on the non-toxic management of GBM based on new information that cancer is primarily a mitochondrial metabolic disease."

Thomas N. Seyfried, Professor, Boston College

“Despite the enormous progress made in oncology over the last three decades, the prognosis for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma has hardly improved, and it remains one of the most pressing areas of unmet need. We are proud to be part of the ground-breaking conference that brings together world leading experts in the field to address the enormous scientific, clinical, and personal challenges posed by this disease”

“Some 12,000 Americans will be diagnosed with glioblastoma each year, and the median survival from diagnosis remains around 15 months. It is vital that the full resources of modern cancer therapy are brought to bear on this devastating disease, and we proud to be part of the inaugural Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit.”

 James Garner, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Kazia Therapeutics Limited