12:00pm – 15:00pm Afternoon Workshop D: Evaluating the Best Models for Simulating GBM Pathology: PDx, Syngeneic, Xenograft & GM Mice

Time: 12:01 pm - 3:00 pm
day: Pre-conference Workshop Day


With brain tumors being so unique, identifying the best model for testing drugs and treatments can be difficult. A key issue that exists in this space is finding models that can accurately simulate the GBM environment in vitro, however, the plethora of options available serves to only complicate this decision further.

From translatability to costs, this workshop will cover:

  • Evaluating the use of PDx models
  • Understanding how useful genetically engineered mouse models really are
  • Switching to patient-derived xenograft models
  • Comparing other models such as xenograft cell lines and syngeneic models