Panel Discussion: GBM AGILE Goes Worldwide: Taking a Deep Dive Into How Well It Has Worked So Far & What Promise It Brings With Expansion

Time: 9:30 am
day: Conference Day One


  • Reflecting on more than 3 years of GBM AGILE – lessons learned to date and plans/goals for the next 3+ years
  • Pharma perspectives of participation and stakeholder perspectives
  • Learning from an annotated longitudinal database of screens from over 1300 glioblastoma patients
  • What progress have we already seen with GBM AGILE so far?
  • Conceptually, a ‘master protocol’ requires a standardized trial design across all participating arms, with limited ability to customize for specific agents. To what extent does that force compromise in the study design? Is there a risk we end up with a study that isn’t ideally suited to any of its participating drugs?
  • As a Bayesian adaptive study, participant companies in GBM AGILE are unable to know much about the ongoing performance of the study until the study is complete. What are the implications of this, particularly for smaller biotechs?
  • GBM AGILE sets pre-defined thresholds for graduation within the study and for successful completion at the end of the study. How do we balance those thresholds such that we neither take forward ineffective therapies, nor prematurely discard therapies that may prove beneficial to patients?