Upgrading GBM Translational Models for Accelerated Therapeutic Advances

Time: 11:05 am
day: Workshop Track 2 Pre-Lunch


Optimization of patient-derived models, innovations in translational platforms, and strategies to bridge the translational gap.

This workshop will gather experts to discuss:

  • Optimizing patient-derived models for personalized glioblastoma therapies.
  • Implementing PDX and organoid models for more effective drug screening and enhancing treatment response prediction with in vitro and in vivo models.
  • GBM translational models: Beyond the traditional.
  • Exploring advanced 3D and ex vivo culture systems for glioblastoma research, harnessing organ-on-a-chip and microfluidic platforms for high-throughput screening and utilizing patient-derived organoids for modelling tumor heterogeneity and drug resistance.
  • Review case studies highlighting successful translation of preclinical findings to clinical trials.