Ranjit S. Bindra

Ranjit S. Bindra

Company: Yale School of Medicine

Job title: Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology


Dr. Ranjit Bindra is a physician-scientist at the Yale School of Medicine and Co-Director of the Yale Brain Tumor Center. In the laboratory, his group recently led a team of four major laboratories at Yale, which reported the stunning discovery that IDH1/2-mutant tumors harbor a profound DNA repair defect that renders them exquisitely sensitive to PARP inhibitors. This work was published in Science Translational Medicine, and it has received international attention with major clinical implications. Follow-up studies from his group subsequently were published in Nature Genetics, and Nature Communications. Dr. Bindra is now translating this work directly into patients in four phase I/II clinical trials. As a biotech entrepreneur he recently co-founded Cybrexa Therapeutics, a Series B round-funded company focused on developing an entirely new class of small molecule DNA repair inhibitors, which directly target the tumor microenvironment.


PANEL DISCUSSION: An Overview of Emerging Therapeutic Targets 6:05 pm

Examine the current treatment options and emerging targeted therapies If targeted therapies show limited efficacy as single agents, can the combination of several targeted therapies be of benefit to GBM patients? Additional research is urgently required to identify therapeutic targets in GBM: How can the industry design novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of GBM?Read more

day: Day One

Target DDR Pathways in GBM, From Mechanistic Insights to Advances in the Clinic 2:45 pm

 Update on DDR pathways as they pertain to GBM Overview on the latest DDR inhibitors, molecular biomarkers, and their use in clinical trials Examine new trials targeting GBM with DDR inhibitors and DNA damaging agentsRead more

day: Day Two

PANEL DISCUSSION: Recognize the Financial Difficulty of Developing Glioblastoma Treatments and Moving Drugs to the Next Phase 11:00 am

Explore the challenges of funding development How can drug developers inspire and attract companies to invest in their novel preclinical glioblastoma development and pipeline? How can the industry come together to overcome the paucity of funding?Read more

day: Day Two

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