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As the only conference dedicated to GBM drug development, this is the go-to event for industry leaders to showcase themselves to an audience of experts from all areas of the glioblastoma landscape. As curiosity grows towards novel biomarkers and next-generation therapeutic modalities, this event is ideal for identifying gaps in the market that your services can fill.

As highlighted by the positive clinical readouts in glioma, the potential for a breakthrough in GBM treatment is growing. There has never been a better time to form crucial business partnerships   in what is looking to be a pivotal era of glioblastoma drug development.

Experts Need Your Help With:


Discovering novel biomarkers for detecting treatment success and identifying responsive subgroups of patients


Methods of improving patient stratification for enhanced clinical trial success


GBM models which better replicate the complexity of the disease including spatiotemporal heterogeneity and the tumor microenvironment, to bridge the translatability gap to the clinic


Overcoming the shortfalls of current imaging methods in accurately detecting tumor shrinkage and determining whether a treatment is working


Improving diagnostics and accuracy of prognosis in order to better stratify GBM patients to better improve treatment outcomes


The design of engineered cell therapies such as CAR-T cells which overcome barriers in GBM such as antigenic loss, protecting CAR-T from the tumor microenvironment and T cell exhaustion.

...and more!

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This summit brings together a dedicated community of pharma, biotech and academic KOLs sharing first-hand insight into the market need so that you can provide customized solutions

The GBM field face a unique set of challenges with a desperate need for solutions that makes them very receptive to solution providers like you for effective therapeutic delivery, informing patient stratification and measuring treatment success

A key challenge with GBM drug development is providing funders with reliable preclinical results, contingent on the use of suitable pre-clinical models; showcase the promise of your models to both funders and drug developers

Being the only glioblastoma-focused meeting, this is the go-to meeting for experts in the space providing you the ultimate networking experience with the key decision makers from all areas of glioblastoma research