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Welcome to the Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit

Devised with three crucial and bold intentions, the 3rd Annual Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit is the ONLY meeting to:

  1. Overcome the key biological obstacles constraining successful glioblastoma therapies
  2. Assess innovative treatments and pioneering trial design to avoid further unfortunate phase 2 failures
  3. Bring together key stockholders within the GBM drug development field with the common aim of bringing-to-market safe, efficient & deliverable treatments to patients-in-need

Who Attended in 2022?

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Sneak peak of crucial topics we addressed:

  • Investment and financing for biopharma in glioblastoma drug development
  • Role of Immunotherapy for Treatment of Glioblastoma
  • Empowering the Immune System to Treat Glioblastoma: DNA as Medicine
  • Surgical Immunotherapy Trials Using Genes and Viruses for GBM
  • Externally Controlled Trials: Using External Data to Design Efficient Clinical Trials in Glioblastoma