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Join the scientific mission to advancing the development of glioblastoma treatments and maximize their therapeutic windows

The 4th Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit was the premier event for pharmaceutical and biotech researchers to discuss advances, challenges, and new solutions in the field of GBM therapy.

This 3-day summit featured leading companies and organizations including AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Kazia Therapeutics and Oncorus, who will address significant topics such as GBM Agile, combinational therapies, funding challenges and next-generation therapeutic modalities.

This industry focused summit heard from the leaders of the GBM field,

  • Optimizing clinical trial design, with deep dives into endpoints, pre-clinical model selection and updates on RANO and GBM AGILE, designed helping you gain clarity with approaching the clinic
  • Evaluating combinational approaches that enhance existing treatments, with a spotlight on DDR inhibition and radiotherapy and how moving away from monotherapy can maximize efficacy
  • Navigating novel therapeutic modalities in treating glioblastomas and understanding how people are approaching CAR-T, CAR-NK, RNA Vaccines and many more new approaches to tackling this devastating disease

With such a short life expectancy and lack of treatment options for patients, it’s time to give this devastating disease the urgent attention it needs.

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