Fast-track the Discovery, Translation & Clinical Development of Safe, Efficient & Deliverable Treatments for Patients-in-Need

After an exceptionally successful inaugural launch last year, the 2nd Annual Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit returns this year in an exclusive virtual format.

GBM Drug Development is the only devoted meeting for large pharma, biotech and pioneering academics which guarantees to unite all stakeholders under a mutual and ambitious objective of accelerating the practical discovery, translation, and clinical development of safe, effective and deliverable therapies to treat glioblastoma, an extremely aggressive cancer with a huge medical unmet need.

Confronting specific and applied drug development obstacles with inadequate successful treatments, such as the knowledge of glioblastoma’s mechanisms of resistance and lack of penetration via the blood brain barrier, the 2nd GBM Drug Development Summit will help neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons  and oncology professionals from biopharma effectively translate their drug candidates into human clinical trials, whilst optimizing the clinical development process itself to evade further clinical failures.

Brought direct to your home office with a jam-packed agenda and online virtual networking opportunities, this exclusive virtual summit will delve into the common challenges with developing GBM therapies, whilst striving to advance safe and effective therapeutic breakthroughs to patients in need.

Join us as we unite drug developers and academics on a dedicated virtual platform to tackle unique drug development challenges creating obstacles for effective treatments for GBM patients.

Download the draft agenda to see key topics that will be covered.

Expert Speaker Faculty Includes

David Andrews

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer


James Garner

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Kazia Therapeutics Limited

Jeffrey Skolnik

Vice President

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

Michael Lim

Professor & Chair, Department of Neurosurgery Professor

Stanford University School of Medicine

Petra Hamerlik

Associate Research Director/Bioscience


Jing Li

Associate Professor

Karmanos Cancer Institute

Josh Allen

Chief Scientific Officer


Josh Rubin


Washington University

Patrick Wen

Director, Center For Neuro-Oncology

Dana-Farber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center

Ranjit S. Bindra

Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Yale School of Medicine

Hear What Past Attendees Have Said

‘’Dynamic, collaborative, engaged and committed. The respectful speakers,
attendees and organizers made the
two-day meeting delightful’’

- Amgen

"The conference carried a great balance
of topics from a scientific, clinical, and patient perspective. The organisation was excellent
in successfully delivering some great and diverse topics from eminent speakers."

- Northwest Biotherapeutics

"Having a series of industry figures giving
their perspective on GBM development is something that is not usually available
from other conferences."

- Dana-Farber Cancer Institute