Implementing Diverse Mechanisms of Action Across Improved Clinical Translation to Develop Safe, Effective & Deliverable Next Generation Therapeutics for Glioblastoma

The 3rd Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit is the ONLY industry led forum for large pharma, biotech and academic KOLs to unite under the common goal of accelerating the practical translation and clinical development of meaningful therapies for the treatment of glioblastoma.

Through investigating the clinical implementation of DNA damage repair, immunotherapy, oncolytic viruses, cholesterol metabolism, PARP inhibitors and more, we strive to address the urgent need for novel and much improved treatments for this devastating disease.

Overcome specific challenges such as understanding preclinical efficacy and tolerability data to confidently translate into the clinic, improving drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier, optimizing clinical trial design and more, this meeting is an absolute must attend for all neuro-oncologists and oncology professionals.

With a huge unmet medical need for effective treatments and many clinical failures to overcome, there has never been a more important time to attend the 3rd Glioblastoma Drug Development Summit and join your community to defeat glioblastoma and radically change patients’ lives.

2022 Speakers Included:

Who Attended in 2022?

What Did We Cover?

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Overcome hurdles to increased investment and financing for biopharma in the Glioblastoma Space with OrbiMed, The Mark Foundation, The Emerson Collective Two Bear Capital & more

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Get the latest updates on the 2022 WHO Classifications and understand implications for glioblastoma diagnosis, clinical trials design and analysis with MA Gen Hospital & UCSF

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Deep dive into cancer metabolism and the tumor micro-environment to understand how sex differences, developmental pathways, plasticity & neural regulation affect treatment approaches with Dana Farber, The Cleveland Clinic & Washington University

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Evaluate the progress of two leading cancer vaccine candidates and learn of new clinical readouts and updates on combination approaches with checkpoint inhibitors from AIVITA Biomedical & VAXIMM

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Learn what progress has been made in the DNA Damage Repair space with efforts to develop a glioblastoma treatment and the potential of novel DNA-encoded medicines with Astra Zeneca & Inovio

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Understand the latest novel and innovative approaches to glioblastoma treatment including brand new targets with Northwestern Medical Group, Targtex, ExoProther Medical & more

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Past Attendees Have Said:

“It was a great meeting filled with very impactful presentation and discussions”
Director & Bioscience Leader, AstraZeneca

“Excellent presentations, candid atmosphere, very high-quality materials”
Chief Executive Officer, ExoProTher Medical 

“The quality and relevancy of the content and the representative leadership was bar none”
Chief Business Officer, Global Coalition for Adaptive Research

 “This was a highly well-organized, engaging and unique for this type of conference as it was science driven with excellent speakers and panel members”
Senior Director, Inovio Pharmaceuticals

“GBM DDS is the definitive meeting on GBM and an excellent opportunity to understand the length and breadth of drug development activity in this disease”
Chief Executive Officer, Kazia Therapeutics