8:35 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:40 am
Reflecting on Progress: Positive Clinical Readouts, Reverse Insights & Actionable Lessons for Glioblastoma Drug Developers

8:45 am Positive Clinical Updates on Vaccine-Based Approaches; Uncovering their Potential in Combination Therapy


  • SurVaxM – a first-of-its-kind, patented peptide mimic immunotherapeutic vaccine targeting surviving
  • Phase IIa study of surVaxM plus adjuvant temozolomide for newly diagnosed glioblastoma

9:15 am Outlining the Landscape in Paediatric Glioma & Delving Into Recent Successes

  • Sam Blackman Head of Research and Development, Day One Biopharmaceuticals Inc.


  • Highlighting opportunities and challenges in developing therapeutics for elapsed or progressive paediatric low-grade glioma (pLGG).
  • Navigating the dual challenges of a shifting landscape for response assessment criteria and changing views on minor response as evidence of clinical benefit.
  • Targeting beyond the MAPK in paediatric glioma.

9:45 am Session Reserved for Novocure

10:00 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


The ideal opportunity to get face-to-face with many of the brightest minds working in the GBM field and introduce yourself to the attendees that you would like to have more in depth conversations with.

11:00 am Sharing an Update From Polaris – ADI-PEG 20 in Glioblastoma: Preclinical Studies & Phase I-II Results

  • John Bomalaski Executive Vice President, Medial Affairs, Polaris Pharmaceuticals


  • Review preclinical studies and phase I results
  • Gain an update on phase II and phase II/III studies
  • Discuss the initiation of ADI-PEG 20 into GBM agile

11:30 am Delving into a Clinical Update on Azeliragon for GBM- Implementable Lessons for Small Molecule Success


  • In animal models of glioblastoma, azeliragon combined with radiation enhanced survival while overcoming the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
  • Two phase II clinical trials of azeliragon, in combination with radiation with or without temozolomide, in newly diagnosed glioblastoma are in progress
  • The effect of azeliragon on cerebral edema and ability to reduce dexamethasone dosing will be evaluated in the azeliragon studies in GBM

11:55 am
Surpassing the Blood Brain Barrier to Unlock the Potential of New Therapeutic Agents

12:00 pm Discovering Innovative Ultrasound Techniques to Open Up New Avenues for Treating Glioblastoma


  • Discover the use of low intensity diffuse ultrasound with sonodynamic therapy to treat glioblastoma with both short and long-term effects
  • Understand the suspected mechanism of action of sonodynamic therapy
  • Understand and overcome the pitfalls in currently available brain cancer treatments

12:30 pm Exploring Local Drug Delivery in GBM: Enhanced Efficacy of ‘Compartment-Locked’ IL-12


  • Evaluating the next generation of local therapies for brain cancer
  • Discussing Compartment-Locked therapeutics with high retention and short systemic half-life
  • Reviewing C-Locked IL-12 a promising new drug candidate

1:00 pm Lunch

1:55 pm
Optimizing Clinical Trial Design for GBM – Uncovering Past Lessons to Redefine Future Trial Outcomes

2:00 pm Gain Unrivalled Insights Into GBM-Specific Clinical Trial Rationale to Keep Ahead of the Curve

  • Patrick Wen Director, Center For Neuro-Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


  • Overview of the updated response criteria for glioblastomas and IDH-mutated gliomas: RANO 2.0
  • Sharing therapeutic modality-specific advice on clinical trial design
  • Analyzing novel endpoints for glioma trials

2:30 pm Going Beyond the Backbone; An Update on Recent Innovations in GBM Agile


  • Integrating dose finding into GBM Agile
  • Opportunities to consider the LE (learning environment) in AGILE
  • Approaches to addressing combination therapy in GBM Agile

3:00 pm Expert-Led Advice on GBM Clinical Trial Structure to Set Your Trial Up for Success

  • Rif Rahman Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


  • Discuss how to optimally leverage external control data to set your trial up for success
  • Maximize the opportunity of adaptive platform trials for accelerated success
  • Answer your burning questions around clinical trial rationale

3:30 pm A new liquid biopsy platform using Extracellular Vesicles to enhance multiomic insights into GBM


  • Novel methodology (SPARCs) to isolate disease-associated Extracellular Vesicle (EV) subpopulations
  • SPARCs technology enables significant enrichment of disease markers
  • Practical translation for diagnostic and drug development application

3:40 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

3:55 pm
Reflecting on Progress: Positive Clinical Readouts, Reverse Insights & Actionable Lessons for Glioblastoma Drug Developers

4:00 pm Addressing Tumor Heterogeneity & Multiple Cellular States: Is Combination Targeted Therapy the Answer?

  • Santosh Kesari Director of Neuro-Oncology, Professor of Neurosciences/ Chair of Translational Neurosciences, Pacific Neuroscience Institute & Saint John’s Cancer
  • Gregory Stein CEO, Curtana Pharma


  • Unveiling research into the complexity of tumor heterogeneity in GBM
  • Reviewing preclinical data of one approach combining CT-179, an OLIG2 inhibitor, with EGFR inhibitors
  • Exploring areas of potential research to identify and test scientifically rational combinations of targeted therapeutics

4:30 pm Panel Discussion: Is Prioritizing Combination Therapy Over Monotherapy the Most Promising Avenue for Overcoming Heterogeneity?


  • Understand the shortfalls of key therapy types with regard to targeting tumor heterogeneity and how combination therapies can be used to strategically overcome these
  • Combine drug treatments with radiotherapy or tumor treating fields
  • Are combination therapies considered ‘too risky’ from a regulatory standpoint?
  • Understand how the regulatory framework can best support the approval of combination therapies

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:35 pm Scientific Poster Presentation


This is an informal session to help you connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and forge new and beneficial relationships. With an audience of GBM experts eager to hear the latest innovations and positive movement, you will have the opportunity to display a poster presenting your own work. Additionally, you will have the chance to review others’ posters displaying cutting-edge work from drug discovery right through to exciting clinical trial updates.