Accelerating Glioblastoma Drug Development With AI: Expert-Led Case Studies

Time: 11:05 am
day: Workshop Track 1 Pre-Lunch


Delving into the transformative potential of AI in GBM drug development, including AI-mediated advancements in biomarker identification, drug discovery, and clinical trial optimization.

This workshop will gather experts to discuss:

  • Precision medicine advancements through AI-driven biomarker identification.
  • Integrating multiomics data for AI guided GBM drug development- Case study of LP-184 a synthetic lethal molecule targeted to CNS cancers.
  • The use of AI to carry out rapid, intraoperative molecular diagnostics in GBM from imaging alone
  • Using AI to inform surgical decision making and trial enrolment to improve treatment outcomes in GBM patients.
  • Case studies of AI applications and an expert-led discussion around future steps for implementing AI in the GBM field.