Glioblastoma Clinical Trials: Optimizing Biomarkers, Endpoints, & Models for Success

Time: 2:05 pm
day: Workshop Track 2 Post-Lunch


Gain practical insights on how to integrate novel technology into GBM clinical trials.

This workshop will gather experts to discuss:

  • Maximizing clinical trial efficiency with advanced biomarkers.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge biomarker technologies, including liquid biopsy, for patient stratification and enhancing early detection of treatment response and progression with dynamic biomarkers.
  • Defining robust endpoints for precise treatment evaluation.
  • Identifying clinically meaningful endpoints aligned with novel therapeutic approaches.
  • Innovations in preclinical models: Bridging bench to bedside in clinical trial design.
  • Personalizing treatment strategies based on model responses and showcasing successful case studies of preclinical models influencing clinical trial outcomes.