Exploring Anti-EGFR Therapies for GBM: Case Study of a CNS-penetrant EGFR Inhibitor Developed Specifically for GBM

Time: 8:35 am
day: Workshop Track 2 Pre-Morning Break


EGFR is amplified or mutated in ~60% of GBM but previous EGFR inhibitors have not shown promising activity in GBM due to a combination of poor CNS penetration and incomplete inhibition of EGFR signaling.

This workshop will gather experts to discuss:

  • Challenges which have previously held back this promising approach using examples from the recent development of ERAS-801.
  • Engineering ERAS-801 to be a potent reversible inhibitor of EGFR wildtype and EGFR ECD mutants, including EGFRvIII. EGFR signaling inhibition in GBM requires inhibition of both of EGFR wildtype and/or EGFR extracellular domain (ECD) mutants.
  • Characterization of ERAS-801 in orthotopic PDX models which have been designed to accurately replicate GBM heterogeneity.
  • Actionable insights for implementing key tips and lessons learnt into future anti-EGFR therapies.