Optimising Clinical Outcomes in GBM: Overcoming the Tumor Microenvironment & Optimising Biomarkers & Endpoints for Success

Time: 2:15 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day New


Discover expert-led insights to overcome GBM barriers like the immunosupressive tumor microenvironment and streamline the integration of novel therapies into clinical trials with an integration of the latest scientific insights into the TME and how we can use novel biomarkers & clinical endpoints to see successful translation of results into clinical trials.

This workshop will gather experts to discuss:

  • Understanding the multifaceted TME in GBM and translating expert TME insights into targeted therapeutic strategies
  • Leveraging advanced technologies to visualize and understand TME dynamics and personalizing treatment strategies based on this
  • Evaluating the synergistic potential of combining immunotherapies with other modalities to disrupt immunosuppressive signaling pathways in the TME and showcasing successful case studies of combinatorial strategies in overcoming the TME
  • Defining robust endpoints for the streamlined transition of new therapies into GBM clinical trials
  • Personalizing treatment strategies based on model responses and showcasing successful case studies of preclinical models influencing clinical trial outcomes
  • Leveraging cutting-edge biomarker technologies for patient stratification and enhancing early detection of treatment response and progression with dynamic biomarkers.