Aram Mangasarian

Aram Mangasarian

Company: TME Pharma

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


Optimising Clinical Outcomes in GBM: Overcoming the Tumor Microenvironment & Optimising Biomarkers & Endpoints for Success 2:15 pm

Discover expert-led insights to overcome GBM barriers like the immunosupressive tumor microenvironment and streamline the integration of novel therapies into clinical trials with an integration of the latest scientific insights into the TME and how we can use novel biomarkers & clinical endpoints to see successful translation of results into clinical trials. This workshop will…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day New

Unveiling the Glioblastoma Tumor Microenvironment: Actionable Insights for Improved Precision Therapeutics 2:05 pm

Discover innovative strategies for overcoming the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, and expert-led insights to work around this barrier. This workshop will gather experts to discuss: Understanding the multifaceted TME in GBM. A demonstration of advanced profiling techniques to identify key GBM cell populations and markers and translating expert TME insights into targeted therapeutic strategies. Innovative imaging…Read more

day: Workshop Track 1 Post-Lunch

Panel Discussion: Is Prioritizing Combination Therapy Over Monotherapy the Most Promising Avenue for Overcoming Heterogeneity? 4:30 pm

Understand the shortfalls of key therapy types with regard to targeting tumor heterogeneity and how combination therapies can be used to strategically overcome these Combine drug treatments with radiotherapy or tumor treating fields Are combination therapies considered ‘too risky’ from a regulatory standpoint? Understand how the regulatory framework can best support the approval of combination…Read more

day: Conference Day 1

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